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  • Annual Small Grant Schemes Available

    CashBack partners operate a range of smaller grant schemes which are open throughout the year and offer up to £10,000 for activities which will benefit young people. Find out more about funding opportunities available.  

  • Engaging and inspiring young people to be active and participate in sport

    Engaging young people through sport is key to the CashBack programme. Over £24 million has been committed to Sporting activities and facilities providing opportunities for young people and communities.
  • Creating opportunities for young people to reach their full potential through creativity and the arts

    CashBack for Creativity provides access to high quality experiential opportunities in dance, film and music for young people across Scotland.
  • Using the proceeds of crime in a positive way to expand young people’s horizons.

    CashBack funds exciting and challenging opportunities for young people in communities across Scotland along with opportunities to secure positive destinations of employment, education and volunteering.
  • Reducing risk-taking behaviour in young people

    CashBack activities improve self-confidence and self-esteem for the young people who take part, while also supporting those communities worst hit by crime and anti-social behaviour which aim to turn an individual's life around.
  • Changing behaviours and attitudes, developing personal and physical skills.

    Provides positive opportunities for young people in communities the length and breadth of Scotland, but it has a focus on those communities hard hit by crime and deprivation.

CashBack for Communities is a Scottish Government programme which takes funds recovered from the proceeds of crime and invests them into free activities and programmes for young people across Scotland.

Since 2008, £75 million recovered under the Proceeds of Crime Act has been committed to the CashBack for Communities Programme and other community initiatives. The programme has funded 1.8 million activities and opportunities for young people.

This investment includes £24 million on sporting activities and facilities projects, £10 million on grant schemes that support youth work projects across all 32 local authority areas and over £3.5 million on cultural activities involving arts, music and dance.

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