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Looking Beyond Just Being a Coach - Education Through CashBack

Posted on: Tuesday 9th July 2013

Looking Beyond Just Being a Coach  - Education Through CashBack

“looking beyond just being a coach”

Education Through CashBack is a Scottish Sports Futures programme that is designed to enhance sports coaches’ understanding of working with young people and encourage personal development through sport. The programme was created to ensure that those on the ground are well equipped to engage those most at risk and maximise the impact of provision. Training, with complementary resources will equip staff with the skills, understanding and confidence to deliver activities effectively to a range of young people in a range of settings.

The first module, ‘Working with Young People in Sport’, has now been fully developed, tested, piloted and delivered to over 100 coaches and a pool of experienced tutors including representatives from across each of the CashBack funded sports have been trained and are ready to deliver. This full day module offers an introduction to understanding young people, the role of the coach and the impact they can have. A range of theoretical and practical activities are brought together to cover the following topics:

  • Programmes, the coaches role and young people
  • Building the ‘Human Connection’
  • The ‘Stretch Zone’ model
  • Understanding young people
  • Understanding behaviour
  • Managing behaviour in your setting
  • Managing Group Behaviour- contract and consequences

When asked what worked well with the training coaches have said; “the mixture of theory and practical” and “group activities” and another said; “this training has improved my skills on dealing with what children need”. Someone else stated when asked what they would be taking away; “looking beyond just being a coach, i.e. the impact you have”.

Another 7 modules which will be 3 hours long are being developed and tested and will offer practical workshops in; communication, the impact of sport, goal setting, the human connection, standard life – employability, conflict resolution and team building.

Please email for further information on the programme or to enquire about organising a session.

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