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Celtic FC Foundation | John Muir

Posted on: Wednesday 16th March 2016

What is your name and age?
Jordan Muir, age 17

How did you hear about the Gateway to Employment programme?
My 16+ worker from school called me and told me about it.

What was your life like before you contacted got involved with Celtic FC Foundation?
I was doing nothing with my time, sitting about the house searching for jobs. I left school three months before so really I was just waiting for an opportunity to come up. 

What were the barriers or problems you faced in your life?
Employability and I was unable to find any places that would employ me because I was inexperienced.

What did you enjoy most on the GTE programme?
I enjoyed the physical aspect of the GTE programme as it helped me to improve my fitness again and give me motivation.

Would you say that your self esteem and confidence has improved?
Yes, I am a lot more confident in my own skills and qualities now as a result or the GTE programme.

How has the GTE programme helped you?
It helped me to improve my fitness and also it helped me to become more employable because they got me a part time job with Celtic.

What are you doing now?
I have just finished another employability course called street league and I’m waiting to hear back about an apprenticeship opportunity in HGV Mechanics.

A little paragraph on your time here
I enjoyed my time on the GTE programme because it helped me improve my overall confidence, gave me lots of opportunities and overall it was a very friendly environment.

The trainers were always trying to motivate us and get us to do better and I enjoyed that as it helped my self esteem.

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