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Creative Scotland Case Study: ‘Be Somebody’, Bauer Academy

Posted on: Wednesday 16th March 2016

The ‘Be Somebody’ programme has now come to an end. Below is a taster case study of one of the two community projects, which they completed over their 6 month programme.

Argyll and Bute
The Argyll and Bute course linked into the new Argyll and Bute Youth Arts Hub and their ‘Make a Scene’ launch event which was taking place in Oban. The course brought together young people from across the region who wouldn’t normally have the chance to meet and interact. It also included a number of students with additional needs including 21 year old Nina McDonald who has cerebral palsy and 18 year old Thomas who has Down’s Syndrome.

The course was run over three consecutive days. The first day was at Radio Clyde where participants were trained on recording and interview techniques and pre-production planning for day two where they went to the ‘Make a Scene’ launch in Oban and gathered content to produce their podcast. Day three was back at Radio Clyde where they spent time learning script writing as well as recording the links for the show which explored the availability and accessibility of the arts in the Argyll and Bute region.

In addition to gathering content in Oban, the young people also used the opportunity to share their learning with other young people at the event. This spread the benefit of the media training to a wider group, generating discussion in the community on the subject of the arts and participation. It also enabled participants to reflect and embed their prior learning and in the process capture relevant audio (interviews) for their podcast.

Case study – Thomas Lilley

18 year old Thomas has Down’s Syndrome but this in no way prevented him from taking part fully in all the activities on the course – in fact he became central to Be Somebody. All the young people integrated quickly and worked well as a production team.

Thomas already had an interest in radio as he presents a show on Island Radio with his dad - broadcasting to the on Argyll and Bute region the show is called “Father and son”. One of Thomas’ school teachers - Jane Catlin - came to the session on the Sunday at Radio Clyde and told us that Thomas has never been so welcomed into an unfamiliar group and accepted in such a way.
She said it was great to see as often at school he was left out of group activities but this environment allowed him to be part of a team and work with other people. Thomas is determined to pursue a career in radio production with the support of his family and carers.

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