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Creative Scotland, Care to Create Project, Kibble Education and Care Centre

Posted on: Wednesday 16th March 2016

Creativity in Care is an arts project in collaboration with Who Cares? Scotland encompassing several art-forms. Young people work with art professionals to learn new skills and gain confidence. This project is offered to young people in care at Kibble, and also across Scotland through Who Cares? Scotland’s network of contacts. Kibble offers placements to all 32 local authorities in Scotland. Through this project young people can access high quality, free art sessions run by industry professionals. Young people will be offered assistance with the cost of transport and assisted with travel arrangements.

Looked after young people from Kibble and Who Cares? networks participated in art based sessions. The young people involved gained new skills and knowledge in art forms they had never had the opportunity to learn about before, such as sewing and animation. Also available were running classes and drumming/percussion classes, due to requests from young people to continue working on music skills following previous projects.

All the young people involved learned new skills and were willing to participate. Young people requested that the project runs even during the school holidays, and young people in Kibble’s residential units have requested more art activities during weekends. Young people often find weekends long in the units, and there is a higher risk of them absconding or turning to antisocial behaviour at these times. The requests for art activities are therefore indicative of extremely positive changes in behaviour

B is a young person in residential care at Kibble Education and Care Centre. In the past he hasn’t always engaged well with our education services, and has never engaged with the arts. B decided to try the jewellery making classes offered through the Creativity in Care project. He enjoyed these classes, but found that visual arts weren’t his primary interest. However, the variety of classes offered through the project allowed him to remain involved, and he transferred instead to the free running classes.

B very quickly realised that he has a passion for free running, and he has developed a strong relationship with his tutor. He is extremely enthusiastic about free running, to the extent that he now attends weekend classes with the tutor, supported by Kibble, and is investigating the possibility of undertaking training to become a free running tutor himself. B’s tutor is confident that B shows promise and could succeed in this career path. Without the Creativity in Care project, B wouldn’t have discovered his passion and aptitude for free running, and wouldn’t have been influenced by the positive role model of his tutor. It is thanks to Creative Scotland funding that B now has constructive goals to help him pursue a career in the creative sector.


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