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Glasgow Clyde College | Reece & Kieran's story

Posted on: Wednesday 16th March 2016

Reece has developed and learned many new skills since beginning the course. He has demonstrated that he can use all of the tools he has been shown correctly and understands and always adheres to the rules of Health and Safety which the class have been learning about. This allows Reece to carry out his work safely and to create a safe working environment for himself and those around him.

Reece is a hard worker and has demonstrated this to his lecturers and key workers by showing enthusiasm and applying
himself to every task. He takes on board any advice given to keep improving his practical skills. As well as developing his
Horticulture and Landscaping skills Reece has also shown positive changes in his behaviour. When asked how he felt his
behaviour had changed since starting the course he said that;

‘Since coming to college I have become more motivated. Before when I didn’t want to do something I would just carry on until it was time to go home but now I just get on with the work because I know it will be good for me and I can progress onto other things.

It’s also made my attention span better and I can concentrate more’.

Before gaining work experience in Landscaping and starting the course, Reece would often find himself in trouble as he
didn’t engage at school and felt that he had nothing to focus on. He has now shown an interest and enthusiasm for this area
of work and is looking forward to continuing with this in the future. Reece is hoping to progress onto an apprenticeship in
Horticulture and has also applied to study an SVQ Level 2 following the completion of this course.

Kieran has been successfully working towards developing his confidence since joining the course. Despite having experience of working in the construction industry he lacked confidence in his skills and often questioned his ability to carry out tasks.

As the program has developed Kieran has shown more confidence in practical and in written work and is always selfmotivated to do his best. Kieran is competent in his use of tools and often demonstrates his knowledge by actively
participating in classroom discussion. Kieran is aware of what is expected of him and always fulfils these expectations
showing he has developed a very mature approach to work. This has been observed by his lecturers and key workers. When
asked how he feels he is progressing Kieran said, ‘The routine of being at college is good. I’m enjoying it and it has made me realise that working hard will always get you something and make you successful’. Since beginning the course, Kieran has also started a part time job 2 days a week. Again this shows self-motivation to do well and shows his determination to achieve his goals.

Kieran is interested in continuing to develop his skills and has applied to study an SVQ level 2 in Horticultural practices. By
progressing onto another course he hopes this will help him to build his career for the future.

When at college the Horticulture class get on well and engage with the lecturer and key workers. However many of our group are facing personal challenges at home, come from challenging backgrounds and have chaotic family lives. A number of our group have social work involvement and there is a dialogue between social workers and key workers which has been ongoing throughout the course. This ensures the young person is supported both at home and at college. It allows key workers to be aware of issues going on at home and how these may impact on the students learning at college.

There are also a number of students involved in the criminal justice system with impending court cases. This impacts their learning as it creates uncertainty when making future plans and decisions. Key workers promote positive changes in behaviour and encourage students to see their potential and be aware of how the decisions they make today can impact and influence their future. As part of the Procurator Fiscal Youth Diversion Project one student is currently undertaking Diversion from Prosecution Group work sessions. These are aimed at young people who are at risk of moving into the adult criminal justice system. This student is being supported by college to attend these with a view to encouraging long term changes in his behaviour.

These examples show the success of Cashback programmes in engaging with potentially difficult to reach

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