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Action for Children | Positive Choices Programme | A's Story

Posted on: Wednesday 16th March 2016

A was an 18 year old male who had left college and was working with a local youth agency (the Mansion Edinburgh – Dunedin Canmore) on activity agreement programme. A was completing a sports leadership qualification while on activity agreement with the mansion, when he was referred onto AFC’s Positive Choices Programme. A was the oldest in his family with his younger brother and sister living with his mum and A living with his dad. As the oldest A felt that he should be out working and said from the first engagement with AFC that it was a priority for him to
get a job.

Positive Choices Referral
A was working towards completing a sports Leadership qualification via activity agreement programme after leaving college where he had studied a Sports and Activities course. A was confident from the start and eager to complete the programme and with the support of AFC seek out development opportunities. After the initial assessment, it was determined that the main area of support which was required for A, was employability skills, but mainly help with finding suitable opportunities and completing the application process. A engaged well with AFC staff throughout the Positive Choices course and he advised that the Positive Choices course had helped boost his confidence levels and employability knowledge.

A had one to one reviews throughout the entirety of the programme with regards to his progress, but almost on a daily basis, he spoke to staff with regards to his desireto get a job. Via these informal chats, A’s trust in AFC continued to build and he was able to digest the guidance which he was being given from staff and reflect on his progress. A’s attendance of the programme was very good and it was noted that he was making great progress with regards to being able to research suitable opportunities. A always worked with AFC staff and well and took on board the advice he was given. As it a worker it was clear to see the A would often go and reflect on the guidance he was given, and actively research or prepare questions for AFC sessions.

The here and now
• Towards the end of the programme A was put forward for a training course and a community jobs Scotland post.
• A now understands how to find out about suitable opportunities in his area.
• A now has better understanding of the skills and abilities he possesses.
• A was able to complete a workplace visit with his peers and had the confidence to ask new members of staff questions.
• A has been able to strengthen his professional relationships with support workers.
• A successfully completed the AFC Positive Choices programme and PX2 Certificate.
• A took time with AFC staff to look at progression routes from the AFC programme and went onto complete an application with another training provider.
• A completed a Community Jobs Scotland application and was successful at gaining employment. I was called from the employer and was thanked for the work and support that A had been given from AFC. The employer said that A was the best candidate they have seen in a long time and that they were impressed both with A and the preparation we had given A. the employer was very happy with AFC’s referral and stated that due to A’s high performance with us, that it was likely that A would go onto further employment with them after the 6 month Community jobs Scotland post was completed.

A was a young person who was determined to go onto a positive destination. With the help of AFC he was able to succeed in gaining a positive destination. AFC were able to gain good inter-agency professional working relationships throughout A’s journey and this was a great example of the employability/positive choices programme at AFC working with supporting agencies to help gain the optimum outcome for the young person.

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