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Action for Children | Steps to the Future, CF's story

Posted on: Wednesday 16th March 2016

CF is a 17 year old female who was referred to the programme by Social Work- Wishaw Locality. She attended both of the information sessions we had organised and also the first day of the original training which had to be postponed due to poor numbers.
Since the age of 13 until 16 she was resident in a children’s home and is now looked after at home by what she call her Support Worker. She has contact with her mother and brother and sister who both stay at home, however her main support is her carer. 
She left school at sixteen with minimal qualifications and secured a place with a local training provider to study childcare. She successfully completed levels 1-3 but was failing in her level 4 and left the course in February without gaining her qualification. 
Around about the same time she was involved in a disturbance whereby she is now being charged with criminal damage, assault and threatening her friends with a knife and screwdriver. They had all been drinking heavily and she states that this was what led to her behaviour, although she strenuously denies brandishing weapons.
Her court date is due in June 2015 and her lawyer advises her that it is very likely that the case will be thrown out through lack of evidence. She wants to get structure back into her life and also to get support at this stressful time. She is looking to gain a place on another training course and is looking for help in exploring different options and needs support with her confidence levels as she is very shy and nervous.
Her timekeeping and attendance have been 100% so far, she has also opened up and is now contributing to group discussions and very forthcoming in discussing her situation. She has asked us to provide a report for her Social Worker to assist her with her court case and has also organised via myself an interview to enrol for a Supported Employment Programme and Volunteering.
We helped C to secure a part-time sales assistants post in a local bakers. This position suits her both financially and due to the outstanding court case which was put back again and is now set for August.
The job is really good for her as it is well within her capabilities and she is interacting with the public and staff and is greatly helping her to build her confidence.
The job is an ideal building block for C to move on from.

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