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Young People Taking the Lead

Young People Taking the Lead

The YPTTL is a new project that aims to develop young people as leaders, volunteers and community contributors.  It will build their leadership skills, ability to work in teams, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in order to increase the scale of activity delivered for young at local level.

The Young People Taking the Lead Project will have three key elements which will support young people through the stages of youth participation from ‘taking part’ to ‘leading’, where young people take part in key roles in youth groups, clubs and units.

• Grant funding aimed at individual young people to enable them to develop their leadership skills and qualifications and to plan and undertake a group work project of their choice. • A programme of training and development tailor-made for each of the partner organisations aimed at capitalising on young people’s altruism to become young leaders and volunteers, encouraging and equipping  the next generation to build their skills and capabilities to be effective contributors in their groups and communities. • Development funding to allow partner organisations to grow and better support existing networks of young leaders and to allow them to participate more fully in the various structures of each organisation.

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