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The new Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Michael Matheson, visits School of Rugby in Dumfries

Posted on: Thursday 5th February 2015

The new Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Michael Matheson, visits School of Rugby in Dumfries

Mr Matheson visited Maxwelltown High School in Dumfries finding out more from Teachers and pupils about hte Schoosl of Rugby initiative.  

There are currently 30 Schools of Rugby across Scotland, benefitting around 700 pupils from S1 - S3 . CashBack for Communities funds this programme which aims to make rugby a central part of school life and develop valuable life skills and improve academic achievement. 

Scottish Rugby’s Head of Domestic Rugby Support, Neil Carrie, said: “When the opportunity arose to offer a Schools of Rugby visit to Mr Matheson, Maxwelltown was at the top of my list.

“CashBack is vital to the development of young people in this area and across Scotland.What has also impressed me about Maxwelltown is their outlook on sport and their desire to contribute effectively to the life skills and health of their pupils.”

Mr Matheson speaking with staff about Schools of Rugby

Taylor Kydd, a pupil who has benefitted from the programme, said: “Rugby has given me motivation to get up in the morning and to go to school. I’ve gained so much confidence. It’s brilliant.”

The School of Rugby hasn’t only been beneficial for the school game in Dumfries, local club Dumfries Saints have also seen more players coming along from Maxwelltown High School in recent years.

Maxwelltown High School have been a CashBack for Communities School of Rugby since 2011 and previously had no historic involvement in the sport.

The School now has four teams that receive four rugby sessions a week and a new girls section is being developed.

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